Machine Learning Researcher

Deep neural networks form part of the core technology behind Tipit's innovative effects. As a ML researcher on our team you will be responsible for designing, building, training, testing and implementing deep networks that run on production servers and embedded computing platforms. There are many novel challenges in providing high frequency, computationally heavy deep network predictions at scale. We are looking for bright engineers who are able and willing to dive deep into a problem and get their hands dirty writing code across different computing platforms and machine architectures.

Mobile Computer Vision expert

Tipit's technology uses state of the art techniques from computer vision and image processing. As a vision engineer on our team you will be tasked with building novel and efficient vision pipelines on mobile platforms (iOS and Android) for image and video filtering, object detection, and face and body tracking. You will work closely with the both the graphics team and the machine learning team to transparently enable advanced visual effects that are viewed by millions of users accross all our platforms.

Computer Graphics expert

The visual effects produced by Tipit's flagship product, Solo Selfie, are unique in that they use information extracted using computer vision and deep neural networks to produce novel and exciting automated visual effects that need to work accross a wide range of conditions while still being fast and visually convincing. As a graphics engineer on our team you will be responsible for building core components of our graphics and visual effects engine while taking advantage of powerful graphics libraries. We are looking specifically for engineers who have a deep understanding on the low level behaviour of mobile GPUs and graphics frameworks.